As with every role we take on here at Collingwood, it will always start with a “research phase”. This is hugely important for a number of reasons, and without it being conducted properly, it will almost guarantee issues in finding the ideal candidate. Here are the reasons why the research phase is key to finding the best talent!

Helping Clients Understand Actually What It Is They Want

In our initial research we will usually find a handful of potential candidates which we present to our client, ensuring we have both completely understand what it is we are looking for. What can happen though, is that the client thinks they want one thing, but once this is presented back to them, it is something completely different they need. Again, without doing this, there is a chance the client at the end of the process would not have the right candidate and so it is very important some sort of “benchmarking” is done at the beginning.

Even though the initial research is just a small part of the whole headhunting process, it is crucial. It lays the foundations for the whole assignment and without it, there is a good chance there could be issues later on!

Presenting Back The Current Market

Because the world of recruitment is ever-changing, the shape of the current market in that specific industry could be completely different. Therefore, by researching that market right now at the time of the assignment, it allows us to educate both ourselves and the client on what is realistically achievable. Sometimes it may mean we can look for better candidates than initially anticipated, or salaries have altered, and we need to rethink our offer. And other times it may mean we have to change the search completely, as what the client wanted just isn’t available right now, especially if it is a small search location!

Confirming The Clients Expectations

After the initial research phase has been conducted, and we have followed up with our client to present back our findings in terms of market and candidates, and assuming our client’s expectations are met, the research phase continues.

Should we need to review the role and requirements based off the initial research, this is when we do so.  Sometimes what clients want can be so specific or niche, confirming their expectations through an initial research phase is key to ensuring that the rest of the assignment runs as it should.

This collaboration is paramount to a successful assignment to result in that perfect placement!