I saw a quote recently by Adam Grant which really resonated. It was about the difference between Imposter syndrome and Growth mindset, and how a small change in how we think can completely alter how we develop.

It is so easy when faced with a new challenge to have doubts, particularly if it is something new. Are we capable? What if we fail?  What if I am not trusted to do this again? I am not qualified enough, and so on. But what if we take the growth mindset approach?

For example - I know I am capable or this opportunity would not have arrived. I have failed before, but I have learned from it, and I am here and still succeeding. Trust is earned, and if I do my best, with integrity and transparency - even if it does not work out I will retain that trust. I might even gain more trust and respect than I had before! I recognise I do not have that qualification, but I can take it on if I need it. Or I can look at the experience I have which can equal just as much as that qualification...

Being curious, asking questions, wanting to learn and taking on feedback - good and bad - is all a part of moving away from that Impostor Syndrome mindset.

In the job we do supporting our clients, we certainly do not approach every engagement with the assumption that we know everything. We may have undertaken multiple assignments for similar types of profiles, we may even have undertaken multiple assignments with that same client...but there are infinite variables in every situation. However, the one thing that remains constant is collaboration.

And collaboration is also a key part of having that growth mindset. I have written many times before, that when we work with our clients we enter in to a collaboration. We learn together. Externally with our client relationships we share information, we inform and educate as we go through a process. Sometimes, although rarely, the end result or "hire" is exactly what was asked for. Far more often the end result is exactly what was required - and this could look quite different to what we set out for.

Internally that collaboration is between our consultants and the research team to find the right people. It is between our delivery and our operations to find the best processes and tools to keep delivering for our clients. And it is between all of us to foster a culture that allows us to innovate - and to innovate we need to be open. We need to be comfortable to offer praise and constructive feedback, to have healthy conflict and to express our ideas and thoughts and to know that we have the support to fail and learn and grow - as well as to be proud of and celebrate success.

This approach, these behaviours, are behind every assignment that we take on as a team.

It is not always easy to maintain, but a growth mindset is crucial. As well as the quote from Adam Grant I have included a link to some tips on what you can do to build a growth mindset in your culture.