Last week I wrote an article around how Gen Z employees struggle to feel connected in their current workplace. Since posting this though, my news feed has been littered with articles around Gen Z! Clearly the algorithms in google have picked it up!

This in itself is something that people from the Gen Z era will encounter in their everyday life. For example, have you ever been talking to a colleague about booking a holiday in a specific location, and then for the next week or so all you see is hotels and offers for holidaying in this area? This is sometimes referred to as the algorithmage a world with personalised preferences continually right in from of us.

However, the articles that I have been seeing, have been painting us in a fairly positive light in the world of work. A Forbes article spoke about the fact that #GenZ employees were a good addition because they brought a fresh perspective to the workplace. It said their expectations are values driven, and they also value economic security along with communication and transparency.

Another article I read on The Guardian suggested that despite the lack of experience Gen Z employees bring, they can improve businesses in other ways. Firstly, they are tech savvy and in this current climate that is hugely important. On top of that they are more confident in themselves and their abilities to perform. And finally, it stated that they are the most diverse generation that we have seen so far, which is hugely important in the world that we live in!

Overall, this went full circle on the Gen Z front, but I have found over the past few weeks that the stereotype around people my age is actually wrong, and that business and employers do value Gen Z employees, just not always for the things we would expect!