Around 5 years ago we worked through our Purpose as a team, facilitated by an organisational development expert, and we ended with the succinct "Building Foundations, Accelerating Performance".

What this means to us is that the executive search and leadership development services that our clients invest in are all focused on helping them to build the foundations they need in order to accelerate their business performance. It is very simple but also very powerful as we ensure everything we do is aligned to it. The colleagues I recruit for Collingwood, the technology we invest in to ensure we can analyse market data and collaborate with our clients to make the right decisions and our focus on being brave to ensure we always do the right things by our clients and never settle for an inferior solution. 

Anyway, can you imagine our excitement and pride when one of our clients, who we have worked with for over 15 years, delivered revenue growth of over 40% last year and thanked us for the high performing teams we have been helping them to build!! 

We have many examples like this but our success has only been possible by knowing our Purpose and living and breathing it every day.