I played in a charity golf day last week and one of my conversations was around a business being fed up of paying recruitment fees and deciding to invest in a Talent Acquisition Manager and take all recruitment internal. There is certainly a lot of positives you can gain from having an internal recruitment team but there are also some downsides. 

Recruitment these days is all about storytelling. Candidates aren't queuing up to work for you and you, therefore, need to have a compelling story to disrupt their day and bring them into a conversation with you. When your internal recruiter reaches out to a potential candidate, the first thing they will do is look at your company's digital footprint. They will look to see if you are the type of company they would love to work for. If your website is full of products and services and gives no indication of your culture, why your employees stay and have flourished etc.. then you are wasting your money on your internal recruitment team.

External recruiters don't rely on your digital footprint. They can create a whole library of marketing collateral to tell your story. Candidates won't know who your external recruitment partner is representing until they are totally engaged in the process.  

We partner some amazing businesses that are so boring on their digital footprint that we would struggle to entice candidates to talk to us if that is what we had to rely on. 

Anyway, internal recruitment teams can work very effectively but you have to invest in your digital story to help and support their work.