I am a big fan of the Steve Bartlett podcast, The Diary of a CEO. It is always a great listen, this one however with Simon Sinek I have already listened to a few times. There is so much to take away from this, with subjects such as - 

  • Peer Reviews
  • Stress vs Passion
  • The impact of Covid
  • The Great Resignation
  • Importance of Culture

I am going to take a look at the discussion around culture - as it is one of my favorite topics! It is an subject area that we discuss regularly with our clients, the importance of understanding your company culture and purpose cannot be underestimated. If you do not know, then maybe it just needs some focus to find out...or worst, maybe it does not exist!

As far as purpose is concerned. If you do not know what your purpose is, then how can you expect others to give their all and get behind you?

In this discussion the connection between the Great Resignation and the Importance of Culture was particularly interesting. The point made by Simon was that Covid, the pandemic and the enforced situation, presented people with the worst case scenario. People would put up with a poor working environment, or substandard leadership prior to Covid19 because the alternative, to leave and find something new, or to leave without anything to go to was too daunting. 

He argues that the power has now shifted. Once the worst has happened, as enforced by Covid, bringing with it the realization that even in such dire circumstances there can be a way out, then there is less to fear and more confidence to question. The discovery was made that you could perform your job effectively, with work life balance, through working from home or hybrid working. Those returning to work suddenly had the confidence to say hybrid working is not enough, this is something you have held back and now it is something I can get from anywhere. With the confidence to say it is not enough also comes the confidence to leave and hence a Great Resignation.

So the focus is now squarely on environment, culture, being a part of a team, a tribe, a common goal with people you want to work alongside. Under a leadership that you believe has your best interests at heart, for an organisation that has a purpose...

And this is where the real battle for talent will be won. Assume that everyone will offer working from home or some form of hybrid and then look beyond this;

  • Teach your leadership team how to lead with empathy
  • Empower your leadership team
  • Create a team dynamic that supports a shared goal
  • Create tribes and belonging - make yours a place that someone would want to work in regardless of the working model

Hybrid working is now just a trapping, it does not, and cannot define your culture.

Like I said, there is so much to be taken away from this podcast and I fully recommend it. As far as Collingwood is concerned, it also aligns with so much of what we do. Both as a business ourselves and in our consultation with the clients who trust us as their executive search partners.

Let me know what you think