We are all guilty of losing sight of our today. If nothing else, the 2 years that Covid disrupted our lives gave us a fantastic reality check of what is really important in life. We had let life become a million miles an hour and, at times, allow it to make our objectives and dreams too fuzzy. There was always tomorrow to achieve our dreams when the reality is that today is all we have. Perhaps sounds a bit deep but there is no arguing that it is the absolute reality. 

I have been amazingly lucky and privileged to have been watching Liverpool FC play with my son and daughter for the last 15 and 18 years respectively. I admit that we have taken far too much for granted over the years but our 3 trips to Wembley this year have really brought home how fortunate we have been both following a club in its pomp, being part of an amazing "tribe" but also just investing in each other to laugh, sing, stress out and just find out more about each other! We really have been creating memories that will live on for as long as each of us are here.  

My take away is that there we always think there is a tomorrow but the reality is we should embrace today and everything it throws at us! The photo is of me and my son leaving Wembley on Saturday emotionally exhausted but with another great experience and story to keep recounting.