Most employers strive to have a happy healthy workplace. One way of achieving this is by acknowledging employees for a job well done and expressing appreciation. Not only will they feel valued, but this also helps to motivate employees.

A recent article I read advised that 79% of employees quit their job due to lack of appreciation. The other 31% of companies who achieved a lower turnover had an employee recognition program. When employers prioritise employee recognition it not only increases their employee’s happiness but also increases their productivity.

What I took from the article is that employee recognition will only ever have a positive impact on the company. There are several ways to recognise an employee, and this can be through both written and verbal praise. A great way of rewarding an employee is through perks that match culture of the organisation. A lot of employees are also motivated by growth opportunities.

A little goes a long way when it comes to recognising your staff’s achievements. In turn, when employers and managers take the time to highlight employee accomplishments, they can expect a lot of benefits. Not only will morale be higher, but so will productivity. The key to a successful company is making sure your employees know their work is being valued and actively recognised.,enable%20an%20organization%20to%20grow