We had our company annual review meeting yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary, except it’s the first one we’ve had for a few years due to COVID. As the oldest person in the office, I can safely say that I have been on a ‘few’ of these types of events before; yearly kick off meetings, annual roundups etc. The format was simple, we spent the morning reviewing last year and setting goals for this year and in the afternoon, we did some outdoor activities.

This was genuinely the most enjoyable one I have ever been on, and it reminded of how valuable these events are. Its easy to argue that they are more important and valuable than ever. Here’s why I enjoyed it:

  • It was great to have time out the office (and home office) to sit back and look at what we achieved as a company last year. Its easy to just focus on executing my own tasks and not really be aware of the other actions that have taken place in the company. This is probably exaggerated by the working at home for 3 days per week.
  • This is the first time we’d been together as a team since the Christmas party. The hybrid working policy, which I think works brilliantly, has one drawback. We don’t see everybody in the team in person each week as we have allocated days that we come to the office. It was nice to see team members I hadn’t seen that regularly.
  • It was good to celebrate the many achievements companywide across all the departments at Collingwood. Everyone contributed and achieved a lot last year and it was great to recognize this
  • As well as celebrating successes we also identified areas that we could improve and change. These improvements will make a big difference and it was good to discuss them with the team in a safe environment.
  • We agreed some goals for this year as a team. It was great to discuss what we would all like to achieve next year and be focused on our actions that will deliver the outcomes we are all want.

It got me thinking, that with the big changes to the way in which we work, these types of events are even more valuable than before. One of the main reasons this event was so good for me was that we are all completely aligned from a values perspective and therefore discussing areas that we didn’t all agree on and celebrating success was so much easier. In terms of the archery and air rifle competitions I came in 3rd on both. I’m not sure whether it was rigged, but our MD Doug won both!