As an avid football fan, between me and my peers most of our conversations revolve around football and anything to do with the sport. Recently we were discussing how footballers now seem to be playing for longer, and even performing at their best at a later age than expected. And it got me thinking about the world I work in.

In football the perception is that a player’s peak years are between 28-32, then after that it’s time to ship them out and find the next best talent. However, looking at the world of football now, this is most definitely changing. Players like Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Robert Lewandowski are showing that age really is just a number!

This year they're are some standout performers in world football, with Karim Benzema the favourite to win the illustrious Ballon d’Or. One of the main reasons for such good performances from the Frenchman, is his experience. He may not have the pace and power he used too, but he knows the right place to be at the right time, from many years of playing at the top level.

In my line of work, when we recruit for clients age can be an important part of their criteria. Sometimes this is needed if they intend to train and nurture a candidate into a certain role and I am not saying we should only look at experienced candidates. However, sometimes clients think being so specific is best as it could mean the candidate stays there for longer, and they won’t need to recruit again in 5/10 years’ time.

Again, using football as the example, players can move on to a new club at any point and a lot of the time, we don’t expect it to happen. So sometimes, is it not better to get the best player on offer at the time, who we know will deliver right away, and help the team out the most - there and then?