Appointing an outstanding leader or specialist for your business really shouldn't be treated as a black and white exercise! 

So many people and companies still consider recruitment as a black and white exercise. They create a job description and a candidate profile and expect the sought individual to be found. Does this sound familiar? What happens if the candidate profile you have created actually doesn't exist? What if they do exist but their salary expectations are way outside your budget? What if they do exist but are not geographically close to your business? What if they don't see your business as the challenge they need to achieve the next step in their career plan OR they don't align with your purpose and culture? What if the candidate profile you have created is actually for a unicorn? 

These are just some of the obstacles you may have to navigate during a recruitment process but the point I want to raise is that no process is a linear black and white one with your ideal outcome actually happening at the end. Recruiting outstanding talent for your business that will enable your strategic objectives to be achieved can actually be a pretty messy one! 

Given this my recommendation is to enter any recruitment process with an open mindset and be willing to make compromises from the outset. Use data to guide your decision making. You never know, you might even end up with an even bigger superstar than you set out to find! We very frequently find candidates who add even more value to our clients than the profile they asked us to recruit. They win but only through collaboration and an open mindset.