Business leaders should strengthen the development of the skills needed to guide a remote workforce. It is essential to obtain the ability to maintain the company culture and the productivity of remote and in- person workforces flowing. Make sure your employees have just as much access to you are those you pass in the office or chat to in the office kitchen over a coffee.

  • Grit: During our learning hour at Collingwood Executive Search, we watched a talk from Angela Duckworth who is a world leading expert on “Grit”.  As Duckworth defines it: “Grit is passion and sustained persistence applied toward long- term achievement, with no concern about rewards or recognition”. Resilience, ambition, and self-control needs to be balanced in order to achieve your goals that would take months or years.

               A well-trained leader will have a long-term goal to work toward along with tenacity and dynamism.

  • Current with technology trendsIt is important to focus on learning about emerging technologies enabling you to provide better value, not only to clients, but also internally. When we use technology to help with essential day to day tasks, from building a sales pipeline, to tracking the conversion rate of business, we are being more efficient which is more important than ever in the today’s constantly shifting marketplace. 
  •  Stage presence: An important aspect to consider in today’s market is the digital experience as most of our client’s engagements now occur virtually. In the past leaders were told to learn about public speaking, however now a good performance on the virtual stage is required to make the best impression and close the deal. Leaders must be able to develop a strong virtual stage presence which they can acquire by practising through video creation which will help you perfect speech and body language.

After two years of constant changes, approaching challenges with flexibility is more important than ever. Also, agility has become the new customer expectation! To offer flexibility to our clients it is important to build a foundation of trust to develop customised solutions and evolve them quickly and efficiently.