The demand for high calibre candidates has been very high for a couple of years now and shows no real sign of reducing quite yet. Most clients we are partnering want us to find THE BEST candidates in their field of expertise to enable their ambitious growth strategies to be achieved.

Whilst many high performers are not really looking for a move and are being looked after well by their current employers, the reality is that everyone is interested in a compelling potential career move that will get them to their objectives quicker. That said, convincing a happy candidate to make a move is tough and we MUST listen to their key motivators and drivers.

Candidate priorities seem to be culture, leadership, career plan and remuneration. The last priority MUST be considered at the start of your recruitment process. You need to sit down and consider the remuneration package that you can afford and are willing to pay. If it needs to align with an internal pay structure then be honest with yourself and communicate this as the absolute limit you can go to. Take advice for what this remuneration level can get you. Please don't think you can get your ideal candidate on the hook and then sweet talk them into accepting your remuneration limit if it is vastly different from their aspirations. There is a lot of data available to you both on the internet but also through the recruitment partner you are using. They should be able to provide you with live market data which will allow you to make informed decisions.

It is possible to negotiate a realignment of remuneration expectations with candidates especially if you tick the rest of their priority boxes but "low balling" them will lead to demotivation and probable rejection. You also won't do your employer branding much good! This would be a waste of everyone's time and likely put you behind with your strategy.

Be honest from the start and go into the market for what you can afford! Don't tell your recruiter that you will pay what you need to if this really isn't the case.