I went to meet a client yesterday who I have successfully partnered for over 15 years. He has recently moved on and taken up the challenge of building a new company in the technology space and asked to meet me to discuss how we can build a high performing sales team. I met a few members of his team and was introduced as my client's long term partner who has helped him to build some amazing sales teams internationally for over 15 years. He is new to this company and there wasn't any push back from anyone about my credibility or track record as the right Executive Search partner to help them build a team to enable their exciting growth strategy.

It got me thinking how important TRUST is in the sales process. How often do you invest in a partnership purely based on a trusted recommendation? Do you approach the first meeting any differently than you would if you were meeting a new company who hadn't been recommended to you? I definitely have in the past and am currently doing it with a new marketing partner that has been recommended by a supplier I have a lot of trust in. I didn't ask any qualifying questions and almost just assume that they will become a new partner of Collingwood.

TRUST goes a long way in finding a new partner that will deliver success to your business. There is always a strong referral out there to minimise investing in a partnership with the wrong company.

Anyway, it was great to hear such a positive introduction about a 15 year successful partnership. Sometimes you just crack on without any plaudits!