As we are now all emerging from the COVID period I have noticed a big change in the priorities of job seekers. One of the most common questions now is “what is the culture like?” Prior to COVID this wasn’t the case. A lot of cultures simply develop rather than they were intentionally created. They are not easy to change quickly, and they need to stretch far beyond some quotes on the office wall or company website.

Here are three things we can all do now to start to shape the culture

  • Make meetings more personal – With the constant pressure of work and bouncing from one Teams call to the next its great to have some space just to catch up. “Anything but work catch-ups are great, along with sharing stories, and highlighting what we’re grateful for”.
  • Give permission for people to build – Employees love challenges and more importantly they love the freedom to tackle them. Remove the barriers and make it possible for employees to really run at a problem and find solutions.
  • Co-create solutions – Get in the trenches with people and witness firsthand what they see and how they feel. Its all about building connections with employees and not building silos and islands. With the way we work today feeling part of something and ‘one’ company is more critical than ever.

A successful culture is built intentionally. It takes time to build. The way we work has changed dramatically and a culture that has a clear shared purpose, is co-creational builds connections across individuals and teams will ultimately succeed.