It can often be confusing for employers and employees to grasp a full understanding of what exactly headhunting is. This is understandable as there are a lot of similarities between a recruiter and a head-hunter. I came across a great article that breaks down the differences and explains the advantages of using a head-hunter.

Recruitment is often done directly through an employer via hiring managers, human resourcers or internal recruitment specialists. In cases where they are unable to fill these roles, head-hunters are brought in to find the suitable candidate. These roles are usually of a high-level skillset with a high salary. The head-hunter will then work on behalf of the client to find suitable candidates that match the skillset required.

I found the article interesting as it breaks down the amount of work that goes into finding a suitable candidate. It resonated with me, as here at Collingwood, we take great pride in learning our markets and searching out only the best candidates with the right skillset for each role. We are very focused on presenting our client with candidates we have fully vetted and are confident they match the clients required skillset. The article covers the hard work that goes on in the background to source the highly skilled candidate(s).

Overall, what I took from the article is that by using a head-hunter, you will be provided with the best quality candidates for that role. Within Collingwood, we support the candidate through every stage of the interview process to ensure they are prepared for the employer. This takes the pressure off hiring managers as they will only be interviewing candidates that hold the relevant skillset for the role.