From the outside looking in, many people don’t understand the struggles of attracting potential candidates for roles. The common misconception is that recruiters/researchers use various job and recruitment websites like LinkedIn where we talk to people at the touch of a button and fill a job as easy as that, when in reality, it couldn’t be much further from the truth.

To be successful in our job, we must be both resilient and creative. For example, a lot of people we identify as being ideal for our client's opportunity are usually comfortable in the role they are in currently and aren’t looking for a new opportunity somewhere else. This leads to them either not wanting to even hold a conversation about the role or ignoring us all together when we reach out to them.

For a role I am currently researching for, we have been finding it difficult to find exactly what the client was looking for. After adapting our research in several different ways, we eventually identified several good candidates. In total it took me six different attempts to even get a reply from them, this involved, emails, messages, videos and slideshares of the job role. After agreeing to hold a short conversation with us the candidate then realised this job aligned very well with his skill set and is now being put forward to the client for final interviews. This required both resilience, to carry on with trying to engage them, and creativity to find a way to get their attention!

The process of finding candidates is a long process and it really is never over until the candidate turns up for their first day of work, meaning the whole process is in the control of the potential candidate. I have only been at Collingwood now for just over five months and have seen this happen on several assignments. As we provide such a personal and tailored service it can be hard to find several good candidates, if one lets us down at the final hurdle it can mean going back to the very start and pretty much starting all over again. Albeit this is our job, but when you feel you have exhausted the potential market, going back to the start requires a level of resilience to find that candidate and really please our clients, which is at the forefront of everything we do!

Overall, candidates aren’t just simply waiting there for us to come to them. It is a very competitive market, and we won’t be the only executive recruitment firm to have approached them that day. We need to stand out from the rest, engage the candidate and then do everything we can to see it through to the end.  Ensuring both the client and candidate are very happy with the outcome.