Is recruiting outstanding employees really a good investment for your business? Is it really a good use of your time and money? Are you sure? 

I had a conversation with the Sales Director of a $20 billion technology business yesterday. He has been trying to recruit a senior Business Development specialist for over 6 months through Linked in adverts and partnering a few contingency recruitment agencies. To be fair business developers are in high demand currently. He has interviewed a few candidates and hasn't progressed his interest with any! He is currently a very frustrated Sales Director. Why? Because his company won't entertain him investing in an Executive Search partner with a proven track record of building high performing sales teams for one of his biggest customers. The company really doesn't see any value in retaining a specialist and would rather wait until a candidate joins before parting with any of their profits. Until now they have waited for over 6 months and there is no solution on the horizon.  Where is the cost saving here? Sure a recruitment fee has been saved so far but $multi-million opportunities have also been missed out on to competitors who have already invested in the talent needed to grow their businesses! 

What would you do. Keep going with a failed recruitment strategy or look at some alternative options?