I recently came across an interesting article that, as the newest member of Collingwood, I could relate with. In my opinion, I believe the onboarding process is the most important part to get right when new employees join the business. Although I have been very lucky with my onboarding experiences throughout my career, I have also experienced very bad processes. I have firsthand felt the damage it left throughout my time with that specific company and an overwhelming feeling of just being a number on a seat.

Something I took from this article is how important it is for a new hire to understand your companies values and goals. From my very first conversation with Collingwood Executive Search we discussed their values and what they were looking to achieve as a company. This was extremely important to me as I could match their goals and values with my own to ensure we are looking to achieve the same outcome. Throughout my interview process, each member of staff would reflect on Collingwood’s values so I could see for myself that the company practices their values and that they are in fact, very successful.

From day one at Collingwood, I was made to feel part of team and have each of my colleagues support for any guidance, even if it’s not something they cover in their own line of work. I can vouch for that being very important as I know I never need to suffer a challenge in silence which will also result in less errors being made by myself. This has taken away any worry I have felt in previous roles.

The main point that has set Collingwood’s onboarding process above all others was the one to one training from the beginning. I wasn’t left to sit and read through documents or watch endless videos to understand what they do as a company. From learning about current clients to learning the system, I was given full training from my colleagues direct. Not only has that helped to build great relationships with everyone individually, but I also got to ask any questions whilst on the subject. I believe this resulted in me learning a lot quicker and enabled me to dive straight into the role.

Having full support and a continued onboarding process has resulted in me feeling more motivated and excited about my role. I understand what Collingwood, as a company, are working towards and what part I play in achieving their goals. I am very confident in what I am working towards as I know that I have the continued support from my colleagues. I feel very connected to my team and my colleagues, and I can confirm this is as a result of a fantastic onboarding programme.