The last 2 years has thrown pretty much everything at us all including the kitchen sink! None of us predicted that COVID would disrupt the world in the way it has and we have had a lot to tackle and deal with.  

Whilst reflecting on how our team at Collingwood has dealt with the challenges thrown at us, I have become increasingly aware that 2 particular behaviours have come to the fore in everything we do. Recruitment has been a very positive place to be, however, attracting talent for our clients in this very candidate driven market has brought its own challenges. 

The 2 key behaviours that have become a core part of our cultural fabric are resilience and relentlessness. These 2 behaviours have been critical for us to achieve the success we have for our clients. It would be too easy to give up on many of the briefs we have been given but our resilience and relentlessness have got us across many finish lines to the delight of our clients.  Has your culture seen a change? 

What behaviours have shown themselves to achieve success for you?