I do love reading anything around what has made the All Blacks the best rugby team there has ever been having read Legacy by James Kerr. This episode was full of ideas and routines that any of us could subscribe to if we want to be the best we can be. 

My key takeaways were; 

1. Daily Journal

Dan plans his week ahead to ensure he fits in everything that will make him the best version of himself. By scheduling in key events that are non negotiable it doesn't allow mediocrity to set in on the days he can't be bothered to exercise etc.. He includes motivational quotes in his journal to help and inspire him when he needs it. They also keep him grounded. He also comments on what has happened each day with the good and the bad that he can do more of or learn from.  What a great way to live in the moment but also learn from the past! 

2. Gratitude Diary

I know people who swear by this but I have yet to buy one and get started. Again, another way to realise how lucky we are each day and not let the inevitable bumps in the road derail us. Also a great thing to look back on. We really don't spend enough time patting ourselves on the back or celebrating our lives in a daily basis. Too often we just move on in pursuit of the "next thing". 

3. Don't settle for mediocrity or allow yourself to coast through life

High Performers never settle when they have achieved a key goal. Despite winning the rugby world cup, which was a key goal for the All Blacks, they reset and created a new vision to be the best rugby team the world had ever seen. This is very related to having a growth mindset and be inspired to keep learning and improving. No matter our age we can constantly evolve and improve. 

4. Know your purpose

He spent a lot of time exploring how he is made up. What were his values, behaviours, beliefs etc.. This helped him to settle on a purpose that drives everything he does. It is very easy to let life roll on day after day without taking control to ensure you live the life you want. However, to do this we need to understand our purpose. 

There are plenty more golden nuggets but the above are my key takeaways that I will action.  Have a listen and identify your own