We are working with some amazing clients who totally get the whole battle for talent. Their strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors depend on great talent and they have kept up with the dynamic battle for it that has been accelerated since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. Particularly in technology, healthcare and construction, our client's products and services have been in huge demand and, to satisfy and take advantage of this unforeseen level of demand, they are investing significantly in new talent.  The problem all companies have is that the current talent market is being driven by candidates. Such is the demand, they are able to pick and choose the opportunities they want to discuss and those they would rather leave alone. So, given this, what have you changed in your recruitment process / candidate experience to entice, engage and have top talent who want to join your organisation?

We are working really hard to create very engaging and differentiated candidate attraction strategies. Our clients have amazing cultures and offer fantastic career opportunities but most have failed to bring them to life or give access to relevant stories across their digital footprint. The candidates we are talking to want to hear about culture, evidence of career paths that recent recruits have enjoyed, the company's perception by customers in their industry, the company's strategy and how it differentiates against its competitors and anything that generally supports a successful business. 

Candidates don't have to invest their valuable downtime to research your company and find information relating to the above especially when your competitors have spent time creating stories that bring their organisation and career opportunities to life. If you haven't done this then I wouldn't bother starting a recruitment process!!

Add in the option of remote working and it is clear that candidates have never been in a better place to pick and choose their next job when the time is right for them.