When looking to hire staff, employers often use psychometric assessments as a technique to differentiate the mental attributes of an applicant. By doing this, organisations hope to successfully recruit not only people with the right skills for the role, but those with the right cultural fit.

These type of assessments can make hiring processes more efficient, and  can be set for individuals as well as groups of people. However, these tools are best used alongside traditional methods such as face to face interviews.

 But what are recruiters looking for with a psychometric test? Hiring managers will look for different things depending on the role. For example, a very technical IT vacancy will require an individual that is disciplined and systematic. While you might look for a natural-born leader who performs well in stressful environments, when hiring a Head of Sales. A specific psychometric assessment or several of them will be able to measure each of the individual’s capabilities in-depth.

Compared to more traditional assessment methods, psychometric tools in recruitment offer an insightful information such as the type of personality, emotional intelligence, or communication style of an individual. This information allows employers to detect how well the individual might integrate and communicate within a team, if they take risks or if you are willing to follow the rules…

In addition to this, a psychometric report insight can be used in the future to provide useful information to hiring managers to encourage future career conversation and achieving high levels of job satisfaction.