When you search the term ‘Headhunting’ a lot of the time it will show as also being referred to as Executive Search. The phrase executive search has led to the general misconception that headhunting is used to search for board level roles only, which isn’t true! Headhunting is Executive Search!

Companies will employ head hunters for a number of reasons. This can be when their own inhouse recruitment process hasbeen unsuccessful, they are looking for a specific type of candidate to fit a specialised role and don’t know how to locate them, or simply feel there just isn’t anyone out there that’s right for them. Headhunters provide a specialised service for their client, taking into account all the needs and wants of the client, researching in-depth to make data led decisions in order to find them their client the perfect, or as close to perfect candidate as possible. This is why it is often referred as executive search.

Headhunters are  happy to find a candidate for most level of job types. The service is so specialised that it generally does cost more than ‘normal’ recruitment. This is why headhunters / executive search firms are used a lot when hiring at board level, and has brought about the general impression it is just for board level roles.

Here at Collingwood Executive Search, we recruit for a wide variety of positions from Sales Managers to CIO’s, CFO’s and CEO’s. With our continually developed, data influenced processes, and highly knowledgeable team, we provide a highly effective, established and well recommended Executive Search service.