Executive Search is most associated with recruiting board level positions, therefore is often overlooked for other positions. There are lots of options out there to fill open vacancies including referrals from your employee networks, LinkedIN, and online advertising. However, none of these options consistently produce a shortlist of well screened, qualified and interested A-star candidates.

A robust search and screening process that ensures success

The search process is incredibly comprehensive as it explores the entire market for options. Before the search starts there is a detailed discussion with the key stakeholders of the position to first understand, then discuss possible options and agree a distinct search direction. The research process is proactive, detailed, and thorough. It identifies all the Candidates that on paper can perform and excel at the role. This bespoke approach is tailored, ensuring high engagement.  The screening process is very robust addressing all areas, including ascertaining the motivation to make a move. The best candidates are then discussed with the Client and from there, they enter the Clients recruitment process. Detailed feedback from interviews is provided at every stage, as well as making and negotiating any offer. Success is typically high. At Collingwood we successfully completed 96% of searches in 2021.

Represent and build your employer brand, attracting the very best talent.

The Executive Search company will be able to represent your brand and the opportunity and present the employer value proposition, through the story of the company. The benefit of this really cannot be underestimated. We can present the history and evolution of your business.  Discuss the current strategy, opportunities, investment, and innovation. We often provide additional materials such as video interviews with the key stakeholders, to provide additional layers of interest. We can describe in detail, the culture, the team and personalities, and the future opportunities with the role. All of this drives deeper engagement, which is simply not achieved through the company website or advertisements.

You require fantastic employees not mediocre team members

The research process targets all potential employees and not just those that are ‘actively’ looking and likely to respond to an advert. Statistically we are more likely to find an A-star employee in this significantly larger pool of candidates.  Added to the investment in presenting the opportunity through multiple channels of approach and engagement, we tell the story of why your company and this position should be considered. The actual screening process is incredibly robust and seeks out only the best individuals. An Executive Search firm is highly motivated, relentless, and totally committed to a successful outcome, the ultimate objective for the Client

If you are looking to hire the very best employees in the market for your next open vacancy, then an Executive Search firm is the best option. It will deliver only the finest candidates in the market with a high success rate. It will enhance your employer brand and deliver people that can perfectly execute your individual strategy.