I have written a blog recently about some of the benefits of working with an Executive Search partner. In the last week I have had another example of why taking this approach can be so beneficial for the clients that we work with.

In the blog I mentioned that one of the most important things that we do is to put in place a structure for the candidate experience, a process which helps to guide both the candidate and our client.  I am going to focus on this structure for this article today, and what makes it so effective. Generally the process will start like this; 

  • Initial Contact
  • Screening Call
  • Full Collingwood Interview
  • Presentation to Client

At this point, the interview process with your organization has already started because you are being presented with a candidate who has been assessed for their suitability, interest, and company/culture fit. This will be customized where required to best fit our clients needs.

The next stage is arguably more important. Following the first interview, and subsequent rounds that follow, we will debrief the candidate and client on the experience.

Why is this so important?

In doing this that we can deal with any positives and negatives that may arise. Bringing this back to my recent example...we had been working on a process that had taken far too long for our client. We had worked with this client to find similar people globally, but for some reason one particular region was proving to be really difficult.

One consistent thing that came back from the debriefing was that the expectations and feedback from one particular stakeholder did not match up with the feedback from the candidate. It also was not consistent with the other stakeholders. If this happens once then it could be written off as 'just not being the right fit'...but it was happening time and time again. 

In our role as your trusted partner we need to be able to provide constructive insights in to the process. We can only do this if we have qualitative data - highlighting a stakeholder as a potential barrier to success is not an easy conversation to have, and even more difficult without evidence to back it up. Our debrief with you is just as important for this reason, we have an obligation to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make a decision.

The outcome in this scenario was that our feedback was taken on board and the interview panel / process was altered by the client. 

The Result?

A process that had taken several months was concluded within 5 weeks.

This is what you should get from an Executive Search partner, and it is what you will get from us. Transparency and Honesty! We stay with the process no matter how difficult it can become, and all of the time we are providing you with the crucial insights you need - the insights that can lead difficult conversations to a constructive outcome, and can be built on for improved processes in the future.