This year has seen numerous headlines about the workplace.  Following a unique year of lockdowns, a global pandemic and the upheaval that this brought, we then saw the return to work...hybrid working, the great resignation.

The enforced changes brought about by the pandemic were some of the most significant seen in the working world. Old ways of working were challenged, and the thought now of a standard 9-5 working week seems almost alien.  Alongside this the conversation around metal health and wellbeing has become more prominent, which can only be welcomed.

We have also seen the adoption of remote on boarding, something which I personally experienced with great success due to the hard work put in place by Collingwood. This leads in to another theme which has been discussed at length, the importance of culture within a business. A strong identity which leads internal relationships, growth and development, and also leads efforts when bringing in new people. A strong culture leads from the front, and this year has brought that sharply in to focus in both employer and employees minds.

This article is interesting as it poses a slightly different view, or dilemma if you will. Really, it is the first article I have read personally which questions the service provided, and how it may have been affected by people working from home. Very much with the customer service industry in mind, the potential issue around distractions, and perceived levels of professionalism, has been questioned in this article.

This might be something that is in the mind of many business leaders going in to 2022. I am sure that many work places have struggled to find a balance to allow every member of the team to get to see one another and work together in person under a hybrid model. They will probably have also experienced some distractions when people do finally get to see each other in person, after all we are sociable animals and human interaction is vital while also being distracting. But as we, and I am sure many other businesses are finding, there are processes that can be put in place to allow a smooth transition. 

I think it would be a brave person who makes any solid predictions on what will happen next year. Especially if the last two years have been anything to go by... but rather than do that lets look at something more reliable, that which has gone before. Taking stock of the positive outcomes of an unusual couple of years, I personally would say based on my own experience and anecdotally from the many candidates and clients I have spoken to - some of the top positive takeaway's are;

  • Adoption and successful implementation of a hybrid working model
  • Heighted awareness and constructive application of ways to help with mental health and wellbeing in the work place
  • A more impactful discussion of company culture, and employee value proposition - and the positive impact of this on the work place

Here's to 2022 and whatever it may bring!