Coming from a sports and coaching background, I found that motivation was often a struggle within sessions. Motivation is one of the key factors to whether a session is successful, or a participant improves their own personal performance.

This can certainly be carried over into the workplace. When motivation of employees is high, tasks tend to get completed to a better standard and finished quicker than if motivation is low. Increasing motivation generally only leads to a better experience for both employer, employee and client, so understanding it is key.

I have conducted several different research projects into motivation, but one that stuck with me, and I found to be successful was the Self-Determination Theory.

The Self-Determination Theory is comprised of three psychological parts, the first being autonomy. People need to feel like they have control or choice in what they are doing. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, but when choice is available it is important that employees are able to make these choices as they will usually choose what is right for them.

Second is competence. This is when participants feel like they have the skills or confidence needed to complete certain tasks and are satisfied with the task undertaken. Often in the form of positive feedback from peers/management telling them they have done well, and giving encouragement to do other things / continue. This has been found to increase motivation significantly as the employee is more confident with  what they are doing and more likely to feel able to take on other tasks.

The third  is relatedness. This revolves around being connected with peers and having meaningful relationships. If employees enjoy their environment, and the company of their colleagues this will improve their overall working experience, and therefore increased motivation at work .

Obviously, it is tough to implement one of these at any given time, let alone all three. However, if employers can be made aware of it and try to use it as and when possible, there should be noticeable increase in the motivation of employees!