During a discussion with a global HR Director last week, we talked about the challenges their internal recruitment team were having. They had been given the task to recruit some very challenging R&D positions in Silicon Valley and that they hadn't managed to get any candidates interested in over a month of work. We have been doing a lot of technical recruitment for a technology client in California and it is a very hard place to recruit! Firstly, the technology industry has accelerated its growth due to increased digitisation since COVID introduced itself and so the demand for talent has never been so high and secondly, unless your company has invested in an amazing employer brand, how is an internal recruiter going to blow all your competitors out of the water?

Here are my top 6 reasons you should invest in a partnership with an executive search firm;

1. Executive Search consultants make candidates curious

Until they speak to us, candidates have no idea about our client or the opportunity we would like to discuss with them. This is very different from being approached by an internal recruiter as you will immediately know the company they work for! Without releasing the name of our client, we can tell a very compelling, exciting and authentic story to entice candidates into a conversation. We can create exciting digital platforms to inform candidates about what excites them. Many of our clients have amazing stories to tell and offer fantastic career opportunities but you wouldn't find anything on the web. Unless you have an amazing employer brand and digital footprint it will be difficult to achieve what an executive search consultant can!

2. When the talent pool is limited

You may need to recruit skills and experience that are in very short supply. In this event, it is probably very unlikely that candidates will respond to an advert, be enquiring via your company's website or be on the database of a contingency recruitment agency. This is a situation that would benefit from an expert executive search consultant who will proactively research, network and entice your sought candidates into a conversation. Executive Search puts you in control of the candidates that are being targeted rather than hope that they will respond to a passive recruitment method.

3. Save time and money

Investing in executive search will save you time and money. Firstly, you won't need to pay for additional permanent heads to deliver your recruitment processes, secondly, you will invest in experts who will deliver and thirdly, your team will have time to get on with what they are best at!!

4. When you need recruitment to be confidential

Quite often companies need to recruit confidentially. This could be due to performance issues, perhaps to prepare for a company acquisition that hasn't been closed yet or due to an additional head you want to invest in but don't want your organisation to know about until the appointment has been made. Using an executive search partner is great for any confidential recruitment you need to do.

5. You want to benefit from industry expertise

Executive Search consultants who are specialists in your industry will be able to provide invaluable market intelligence about your competitors, the talent landscape and general trends. They could be your eyes and ears to help you develop future talent strategies. They will certainly know where to go to find the talent you need.

6 Talent shortage means you need to be relentless

Any recruitment strategy today needs to have an absolutely relentless recruiter behind it. In demand candidates are unlikely to be waiting for your approach and so it is critical that you have a recruiter on board who is relentless. Retaining an executive search partner will ensure that you have this relentless approach. Other non retained recruitment solutions are likely to give up when the going gets tough.