We are currently in a candidate driven market with more vacancies than candidates available to fill them. With this in mind, have you changed your recruitment process or methodology around sourcing the candidates you desperately need? We are being approached by companies who believe that headhunting is a magic wand! They have tried everything to fill their vacancies and are now wanting to explore headhunting as the last resort. The truth is that headhunting is a fantastic way of identifying high calibre talent for your business but I am afraid that it is not a magic wand.

We are finding that too many companies have written a job description like a tick box and every box has to be ticked if a candidate is to receive a job offer. If this is your business then please stop. Firstly, you maybe trying to achieve the impossible and your star candidate may not actually exist and secondly imagine if you focused on securing a high calibre candidate who aligns behaviourally and culturally to your business whilst also having a high aptitude for learning new things. Imagine if you didn't keep recruiting the same people with the same experience from the same competitors. Imagine the positive impact new employees with such different perspectives could have on the success of your organisation.

Businesses need to approach their talent strategy with an open mind and dip their toe in some different water to enjoy the different characters you will meet!