Collingwood’s clients partner us to headhunt passively looking candidates.  The positions that we work on are often critical, senior hires, with clients not interested in serial advert respondents or those who frequently change jobs.

In the early stages of the headhunting process part of our job is therefore to prize out of those we approach what it is about their current situation that is niggling them.  What keeps them awake at night and, if a new position was to be present, what is it that would motivate them to potentially look.

Burnout through increased workload is a contributing factor, although I want to talk about another demotivator that can often be nipped in the bud by employers.  Granted, much like overwork, I have no doubt that the pandemic has been contributed to it but, given the frequency, I doubt managers and boards are acutely aware of it. 

A large number of candidates I am approaching are currently highlighting that a shift in their daily focus is making them question whether their employers are aligned to their own motivations and vision of where they aim for their careers to evolve.  Especially rife in senior positions, I am witnessing more and more candidates stating that they’re being pulled away from the briefs set and the main reason they were being courted by their current employers in the first place.  They are being left frustrated, with much of their working weeks being filled with tasks that do not maximise their skillsets nor offer maximum return to their investment.

Hard to assess though it may be, during development reviews, or even when you have some downtime with those that you desperately don’t want to lose, are you genuinely listening to their demotivators and asking questions around the fulfilment their current job provides?  Act before it’s too late.