A recent survey highlighted a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 21% increase in profitability if the employees are engaged. A culture is not born out of a set of values but is defined by action. Most companies publish a set of values but not all live and breath those daily. The benefits of a strong culture are there to see. If you want customers to be loyal then the company has to foster a culture that values the customer.

To have a customer centric organization everyone in the oranisation needs to have some exposure to the Client. We are currently supporting a global multi-billion dollar business scale their R&D centre in the US. Each member of the technical team is encouraged to liaise with customers, be involved with demos, training, speak with the salespeople and be much more connected to what the customers really want.

The employees will be able to hear first-hand what problems they are trying to solve for their Clients. Building a culture of listening to and caring for customers will help you to gain a competitive edge. If you are consistently collecting data on the problems and challenges your customers face, then you will be able to solve them faster than your competitors

We are also witnessing the ‘great resignation’ with many people leaving their current roles even when they have no other role to go to. COVID has been a great time to reflect on what is really important and company culture is paramount in both retaining and attracting employees.

With the benefits of increased profitability, increase in customer satisfaction and better staff attrition and attraction culture needs to be a priority for companies.