Although we have been bit hit by a global pandemic, the job market has remained very positive throughout. It seems that most companies you speak to are growing and need a range of new talent to enable it. However, most also seem like they are now creaking at the seems and reliant on the goodwill of their teams to cover the increasing workload until new hires are brought in. Job vacancies are growing every month and many are becoming a real issue for employers. But, why are you finding it hard to attract the talent your business needs to keep growing and moving forward?

We are seeing a whole range of reasons which include;

  1. Sought talent is in low supply and high demand
  2. Companies are being priced out due to rapidly rising salaries
  3. Candidates are calling the shots including how and where they want to work
  4. There is panic buying going on with little thought for the future
  5. Recruitment processes are too slow
  6. Employers don't have a compelling story to attract or convince target candidates
  7. The approach is all about the employer and doesn't consider what candidates want in their careers
  8. Companies are refusing to look at market intelligence telling them their sought candidate doesn't exist or is nigh on impossible to attract.

There are probably other reasons too but, if you want to land the talent you really need then you MUST get your head above the parapet and out of the comfort zone of how you have always recruited in the past.

Do your research. Do you really need the profile of candidate you have set out to recruit? Could you lower your expectations on experience but raise your focus on someone with a growth mindset who could develop quickly into the role you need? Would you love to be involved in your recruitment process? Will it provide candidates with a very motivating experience?

Lots of questions for you to answer but, in this exciting period of growth, you must be flexible in your thinking and approach otherwise it could be your competitors who win the war on talent!