I really enjoy listening to the Diary Of A CEO podcast, Steven Bartlett is a great role model for young entrepreneurs having dropped out of university to start his own business, and is now worth several hundred million. As the newest member of the Dragons Den, in this episode he interviews previous Dragon, founder of Moonpig Nick Jenkins.

The biggest thing I took from this podcast was the amount of determination, commitment and in their words "self illusion" to be successful. Granted, this podcast is really aimed at business owners but I actually think this applies in the same way to almost all careers. Lots of our team learning over the past couple of months has been about grit and the determination to push through the inevitable tough moments, but this really isn’t something common that I see high on the agenda of hiring managers, and if it is I certainly don’t think many interviews are structured to uncover it.

So often we hear the standard competency based interview questions - "give me an example of a time where you have had to overcome a difficult situation". The problem with this question in my experience is that the structures and predictable nature of this question often gives a structures and predictable answer. Lots of my clients are moving to biographical interview styles and this is something I also heard Elon Musk talk about during an interview, where he asks candidates to tell him the "story of their life" giving them the freedom and time to give him the detail.

That detail allows hiring managers to interpret the information given, and allows candidates the opportunity to express themselves. Hiring managers feel more comfortable that they are making the right decision and all candidates have a better experience. Win win.