I really enjoyed this video of John Vlastelica talking about Talent Strategy. I started my career in recruitment in contingent recruitment and have since transitioned into executive search, during my journey I like to think I have seen first-hand how to attract, engage and acquire the markets best talent, in addition to seeing the other side of the coin, and how not to do it!

The big difference comes with strategy. We now work in markets dominated by the candidate, with the markets best talent often having many opportunities and subsequently all of the control. The most successful recruiting teams and partnerships focus on strategy, a strategy designed with the end goal in mind and executed clearly and consistently.

The typical contingent model isn't that, it relies on a scatter gun approach with a focus on speed and numbers - an approach typically successful in a candidate rich market where the active talent pool is deep enough to produce results. Tough market conditions mean a strategic approach is needed, one that focuses on commitment, identifies the whole talent pool whether active or passive and approaches them in a tailored way that generates interest whether they are active on the market or not. This then needs to be followed up with an interview approach that is designed both to understand their fit for the role, but that also demonstrates the opportunity for them.

This strategic approach isn't something that is solely the responsibility of internal recruitment teams and actually should be achieved by choosing the right recruitment partner and working together to create the right plan to deliver the desired outcome. So ask yourself, is your talent acquisition activity strategic and are you working with the right partner?