Covid has had a profound impact on all of our lives, changing some things for the better and some for the worse. When it comes to talent acquisition I feel it’s probably a little bit of both, with it making some components a little easier, and certainly some more challenging.

Firstly, with the increased amounts of remote working offered, it means that organisations and their talent partners are fishing from a much broader and subsequently deeper talent pool, as hiring companies become less concerned with the location of their new employee and more concerned with ticking other boxes.

Although working with a deeper talent pool, I disagree with a sweeping comment that lots of people are open to new opportunities at the moment, and actually think that is dependent on the industry and function of their role. For example, our work in industrial technology has shown us the real challenge of recruiting sales people at the moment, with the market performing so well as a result of the 2020 catch up, meaning most leading sales people not wanting to leave as they await large bonus payments. Other markets and job functions are facing different challenges, whilst some markets are great for recruiters. The point I am making is that its critical you understand the current position of your market, and then plan your strategy.

There has been a significant change with regards to what candidates are looking for, with them now looking to keep the positive changes that Covid has forced such as increased flexibility, less travel and the opportunity to work remotely, whilst looking to get away from some of the negative impacts, such as a culture of micromanagement.

It is more important than ever that internal recruiters and external partners take their time to fully understand both the market, and also the candidates within it. Making offer and writing job descriptions based on the "old norm" just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Covid has shifted markets and it’s imperative that we are agile enough to shift with it.