Are you Purpose-led? Are you bothered by the work you do or the customers you work with or is it just something that pays the bills?

I just had a fantastic conversation with a leader from one of our US based clients. This particular client is currently reinventing itself and moving from being a product "shifter" to a solutions provider. They are becoming a leader in the global industrial automation industry, helping manufacturers to digitise their organisations. 

I asked my client what she is enjoying most about the company's change in strategy and was inspired by her response. She talked about how her own purpose or cause is now aligned to her employer's. She described her work now being very meaningful as it is transforming people's lives and contributing to more productive work environments and a healthier planet. Just brilliant! 

I was filled with a warm glow as she talked me through this as we have no interest in merely filling or recruiting roles at Collingwood. We invest our hard work, blood, sweat and tears to enable our clients to achieve their purpose. In this case our client described the difference we had made to her through the talent we have been recruiting as part of building a new team in the US. Being able to measure the impact we make on our clients by delivering what they have asked for is invaluable.

Are you aligned to your customers or are you happy to have a transactional relationship?