Most of the organisations that we help guide to new superstar employees are looking to hire high performance and high potential employees. They are in very high demand at the moment, with many companies looking to hire strategically critical employees. Here are five essential qualities of high performing employees:

1 – They are honest – honesty is appreciated in everyone and it’s a quality that can earn the respect of employees. For example, they are more likely to be honest and accurate in estimating the time they need to complete a task.

2 – They have a solution orientated mindset – High performing employees will not just observe a problem and then report it, they are much more likely to spot it and suggest solutions when highlighting it.

3 – They are well organised – High performers are typically very well organised. They know how to prioritise, shift tasks and priorities as the landscape changes.

4 – They are great team players – The ability to take initiative, share tasks, solve problems as part of a team helps galvanise a team

5 – They are proactive – Being proactive is one of the key traits the companies we help guide to high performers look for. They look to the future, anticipate, and look at how the company and themselves need to evolve.