I have recently been looking more into candidate experience and value proposition, it has been great to read and listen to different approaches and to gather ideas on new ways of doing things. Listening to an interview with Bryan Adams recently (not Summer of 69 Bryan Adams but the Employer Branding Expert) he brought in to the discussion the questions that candidates are asking during the interview process.

It got me thinking about the questions that I get asked by candidates when I am introducing a new opportunity to them. There are some questions that seem to be regularly asked, and I believe that orgaisations should be in a position to answer - the difference is, these are questions that should/could be answered before the candidate even steps through the door, and I think that maybe this is the shift in the candidate experience. 

It could have been influenced by the pandemic - or accelerated by it as social media and all its forms, as well as virtual communication, became a more impactful part of our everyday lives. There is a major shift in power to candidates. The tools at their disposal for research ahead of even meeting you are many and varied, as are the number of opportunities presented.

Before writing this I ran a few searches on Google for articles around this theme, and interestingly there was not much out there. I was specifically looking for "The Questions Candidates Ask", but what I found instead was a lot of information on what Employers should be asking potential employees to determine if they are the next hire.

I also found a lot of articles on questions a candidate should ask to close an interview or to gather information and build rapport during the interview. All if it struck me as being a little passive on the side of the candidate - not a lot of parity with the potential employer.

I mentioned that there are some questions I am regularly asked, these questions look like a variation of;

  1. What is the company culture like, how is it defined
  2. What are the opportunities for growth, personal and career development
  3. What is the approach to work life balance
  4. How long will the interview process be likely to take - who will I speak with and what will each stage look like
  5. What is the strategic direction of the business

...and I mentioned that a lot of these can be answered before the candidate even meets you. How? Well again, here is where your trusted search consultant steps in, because you have briefed us on all these points then we are in a position to answer. But this is not the only way - you can be doing a lot more proactively. What does your website look like? When a candidate lands there do they see a b2b live catalogue of solutions aimed at your market, or do they see a company ethos based on culture.

Do they see videos and blogs from current employees talking about their experience? They, their peers, are the people who will answer a lot of these questions.

Are you active on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, industry publications - because your next hire will be - and if they do not see you they will see your competitor. 

Plenty to think about, and when it comes to candidate experience, plenty we can help with and advise on. I have included a link to a useful article that I did find when I carried out my research, enjoy!