There are so many skills that go into the perfect candidate, its normally a combination of experience coupled with some common personal characteristics that are looked for regardless of the role on offer. Tenacious, committed, trustworthy or hardworking, the list goes on! But as McKinsey point out in this article, the next ten years is going to present both massive challenges at the same time as presenting massive opportunity as technology advances and presents more than 10x the amount of change we have seen historically. 

Whether this presents a challenge or opportunity will in many cases be down to the individuals you employ and whether they are ready to embrace that change. When recruiting for our clients and for ourselves, one of the things we often look for in great talent is a growth mind-set, the belief that we can learn and grow beyond the abilities we are born with, this often translates into embracing new technology and ways of working to drive increased performance. 

So in the coming decade with McKinsey predicting so much change, the mind-set of your team could be critical in determining whether it presents a challenge or opportunity. The organisations getting a head start are the ones already incorporating the search for this mind-set into their hiring process, looking for candidates who have demonstrated this agility and ability to adapt previously, and are therefore most likely to demonstrate it again in the future.