We've all read the headlines around global employment reaching all time records.  As a leader I would hazard a guess that you've recently struggled to fill a much need position.

Make no bones about it, building a comprehensive shortlist for any senior vacancy is currently challenging.  Any recruitment firm who tells you otherwise is fibbing (or knows something that has eluded everyone else in the marketplace).

Recruiting a number of board level recruits within the industries I serve - Building Products & Construction - salary demands are worryingly climbing to an all time high.  However, simply flinging more budget at your star new hire shouldn't be your last resort, nor you first go-to.

Although not unique, one area that tends to set Collingwood apart from many Executive Search firms is our transparency over where we are headhunting; how we've put together the research and themes to conversations held.  Once into the heart of the approach work, this allows us to cut off barriers with clients before they happen.  From what  I hear many Search firms do not provide this (or it's a much diluted version).   Given the talent war, context simply must be provided or you're not gaining maximum value.

I'm not going to shy away from the fact that a couple of my recent assignments have finished in a limited number of suitable candidates being provided (both have ended in offers by the way).  This said, I am 100% convinced that a proactive headhunt was required as neither offerees would have applied to an advert, or be sitting on a recruiters database.

It was through this sharing of intelligence that both clients had context as to why shortlists were limited, and could therefore move forward with the preferred candidates.  Please don't let your recruitment partner pressurise you into making definitive decisions without them providing context to why the shortlist is the shortlist.