Probably our most important responsibility when we partner with the global organizations that we work with, is to act as their brand ambassador in every interaction we have. We take their story to the market, and when we attract talent it is not just based on the right "technical" fit, so many other factors come in to play.

The power of story telling cannot be underestimated. Organisations on the size and scale of Spotify and Uber are constantly thinking ahead - what skills will they require in the next quarter and how do they attract them? I listened recently to a podcast with Jorgen Sundberg hosting Jordan Deane of Spotify - she is their Global Lead for Employer Branding, and she gave the example of the need to hire candidates with Machine Learning expertise. In this instance, in the lead up to the following quarter there is a focused effort on producing content, stories, blogs, video, social media posts - all around what it looks like to be a part of the machine learning engineering team at Spotify. Tying this story in with the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) - talking about the culture, environment, challenges and so on...

Culture and EVP in a business needs to be able to do more than attract the right people, it also needs to filter out the wrong people. To, as early as possible in the process, get the message across loud an clear as to what you can expect as a candidate in joining this organization and allow people to make an informed decision on if this will be right for them.

Not all organizations have the resource available to call on a dedicated brand expert, a creative team, or the tools to conduct a podcast or video interview, film a day in the life or even just to blog about what it means to be a part of a group of people, a team, all working towards the same goal. Not all organizations can get this message over ahead of the interview process to filter people out, some may successfully do so throughout - but even this could be a challenge if you have not had access to impartial feedback on the candidate experience.

We do a lot here at Collingwood to help our clients on this EVP journey. We are building trust in our relationships which can mean that sometimes we need to deliver the difficult news on why a company is not appealing to candidates, but we then follow up with a plan of action.

Those organizations who do not have the resource, or time, to undertake some of the steps I mentioned before...we take this on for them.  We speak to the stakeholders and employees we build the story, we build the content to take to the candidate market, we interview the candidates based on the core competencies and personal profile that will excel in their environment.

How do we do this? It is a tailored approach but there are some constants. 

You should probably come and speak with us to learn more about how we built the story for;

  • A global multi billion turn over business to build their sales engineering, sales and global supply chain team. 
  • Or about how we helped a global defense and transportation team to find critical hires in their Business Development team (a position they had struggled with for months) 
  • Or how we helped another client to build their first SaaS team - no one in the market we spoke to knew this global industrial firm was making a play in software...

But I can give away a few tips;

  1. Understand and be clear on what it means to work for your organization. Good, bad and ugly - recognize and embrace where the challenges are - this will resonate with the right people and they will rise to the challenge
  2. Are you a career building, or career long organisation? By which I mean, do you have a history as a stepping stone to larger players in your space - and if you do then be proud of it. Using a sporting analogy, for every Olympic Gold coach there is an Athlete standing on the podium - but it does not detract from the reputation of the coach. Or conversely are you a life long jobber environment? If so, why do people stay with you? Do you really understand? If not, question - or we can for you
  3. Have a clear message on your values and culture and ensure that this comes through in everything you do. From decision maker to peer. If you don't know what this is, again, look internally, ask the people who are on this journey with you and build the message from there. Or again, ask us to and we will.

There is a lot of really good content out there on this, from blogs, to podcasts and video interviews/tutorials. But you still need to take that leap and action that learning!