I have had two conversations with leaders this week that were worried about members of their team that are close to burn out. In both instances the expected remedy is that replacements will be needed. It got me thinking what organisations and their leaders should be doing to identify these burn outs earlier, how they could actually prevent them and if not what they can do to help the employee and retain them.

The pandemic has certainly taken its toll in so many different ways. Whilst work has been quite a stressful place it is also true that so many people have juggled this with personal difficulties and even tragedies. Yet, we still expect high performance or at least for them to show some grit and resilience to come out the other side. Perhaps we haven't provided the support our teams have needed? 

I read an article that identified 6 things you must address as a leader. They are;

  1. Excessive workload
  2. Perceived lack of control 
  3. Lack of recognition
  4. Poor relationships 
  5. Lack of fairness 
  6. Values mismatch 

Are any of these on your radar? If not, they are a good starting point!

I can't believe any leader would give up on an employee who is close to burn out and accept the only solution is to replace them!