As both a manager and interviewer of senior positions, I hear this phrase a lot, "I'm looking to leave as my employer does not invest in their staff."  

Granted, there's a grave difference between those employers that plainly sweat every last ounce of value from people with no consideration for staff development, but I often question this statement whilst interviewing.

I'm fortunate to work for a business that has set aside budget for my growth.  However, the majority of my learning has come from podcasts, books and YouTube videos; be this as a collective companywide experience, or self motivated. 

And so to my point - just because an employer is not willing to pour thousands of pounds into sponsoring an MBA doesn't mean an individual shouldn't be able to demonstrate self learning.  This is a question I often pose when interviewing and the answers can tell a lot about the individuals motivation, finger-on-pulse knowledge and seriousness to progress.

Oh, and please be aware that if you put "self learning" or words to the effect on your CV I will ask what you're reading currently.