The recruitment strategies of organisations vary massively and are typically varied based on their size, industry and general needs. We work with global organisations that are typically looking to build high performing teams, or recruit high potential leaders on an international scale. One of the things that I am constantly asked by new or prospective customers is how successful we are when recruiting internationally. Now the answer to that question is very, with over 70% of our work being outside of the UK, but what really interests me is the reason they ask this question.

From discussing this in more depth, it’s clear that the driving force behind the question is the notion that its potentially more successful to have local recruiters focusing on positions in their specific geography. Well, I think that this WAS the case, but ISNT the case anymore - here's why!

In the past the role of a head-hunter or search consultant was really about building a network, it was about having a black book of contacts that you could call upon when a customer came to you with a vacancy. With that network and lots of candidates it was about engaging with your network and presenting the interested candidates. Now that is still kind of the case, but actually as the markets have become more friendly for candidates our role is less about finding the candidates and more about engaging with them and presenting the opportunity in a way that generates interest.

In my opinion, these are some of the main benefits in committing to an international recruitment partnership;

- The bigger picture. Candidates are signing up to work for a global organisation, knowing the story across the board is a really important part of your employer brand and being able to tell your story.

- The continuity of having one partner recruiting in multiple locations allows them to draw comparison and subsequently provide data and insight into the different challenges faced in different locations.

- A closer partnership and working relationship is much easier to develop, and more consistent collaboration is achieved working with one partner rather than many.

- By having one global partner, a clear and consistent message is delivered to talent globally.

What I am not saying is that a local partner should never be used. But in general my experience is that trusting and working with an international partner is a much better way of achieving consistent success in recruiting the highest potential talent globally.