We are very focused on our well-being at Collingwood and all watched this TedX Talk in one of our personal learning sessions last week. Dr Beth Cabrera, is a psychologist who specialises in well-being and highlighted some key activities we can all do to improve our well-being and help us thrive in our jobs and in life in general. Funnily enough, our in-house mindfulness coach, Russell Treasure, has been working with our team during the last 3 or so years on exactly the same areas. We have adopted CLANG as our go to key activities To help our well-being.

CLANG stands for;

Connect - connecting with people socially is so important for our well-being. The pandemic has taken so much on line but we must get back to meeting our friends, loved ones and work colleagues in person. The benefit of face to face greatly outweighs video! We were born social animals and must feed this need.

Learning - challenging yourself to constantly learn new things is very powerful and important for our positive well-being. Growth mindset versus fixed mindset wins every time.

Activity - getting our heart rate up or at least enjoying regular fresh air is so important. Activity is usually a new habit we need to create space for but is proven to contribute to positive mental and physical health.

Now - live in the moment and be mindful. It is so easy to be stressed about the negative things that happened in the past or what you expect to happen in the future. All we have is now however and so it is all we should really focus on!

Giving - giving something back is proven to make us feel better. Doing that good deed each day can have a hugely positive effect on us. I guess the obvious one is charity but there are so many other ways to be kind to others.

In addition, one great idea that Beth presented was writing down 3 positive things that happen to you every day. By doing this you will be focused on the good things that happen to you or even ensuring you make them happen so you can write them down at the end of the day.