With the start of hybrid working and, in many cases, total remote working, the need for clear communication has never been greater. The ability to observe body language to see whether actions have been completely understood is somewhat lost on video calls, so I found this article relevant, useful and simple.

I’ve been in plenty of meetings where we’ve agreed actions but when the actions were due to be completed found out that they had been interpreted differently or completely misunderstood. A survey conducted by Gallup revealed the fact that ‘most employees don’t have clear expectations to work with’.

This is probably enhanced with remote working and the outcomes are that the actions or project are not delivered, and employees become stressed (by the ambiguity). The solution is simple and easy; ‘Expectation mirroring’

Whenever an action is assigned to you, digest the information and scope and then repeat back to your manager. Ask for confirmation that you have interpreted everything correctly and confirm when the action is due for completion.

With less ability to read body language this very simple tactic will remove ambiguity, reduce anxiety and more importantly increase productivity.