Each week the team here at Collingwood try to come together for an hour to learn and discuss a different topic, normally by listening to a clip from an audio book or watching a YouTube video. Last week, we listened to a Ted Talk from renowned author Susan Cain. 

In the talk, Susan looks at the benefits of being an introvert whilst also considering the impact of society, education and work environments so often being weighted towards extroverts, encouraging environments that push team work and social interaction.

Susan's message encouraged introverts to feel confident working alone, whilst highlighting that so many of the worlds great leaders are softly spoken introverts. However, I think there was common feeling amongst our team that with regards to leadership capability, being an introvert or an extrovert doesn't guarantee success or failure. Actually we feel that some of the strongest leaders we work with demonstrate the ability to put themselves outside of their comfort zone, with a track record of success working alone or as a team. 

It's really important to be self aware, understanding your personality type and in what setting you are most productive. Putting a structure in place to reflect this and putting you in a place to be as successful as possible. However, the best candidates are adaptable and constantly challenge themselves.