For the majority of this year much has been made of both construction and building products having to deal with a very different challenge to the usual - the sourcing and supply of materials have put huge pressure upon businesses and projects alike.

Having worked for a fellow building materials business under the holding businesses umbrella previously, Collingwood was recommended by their Managing Director for this interior product manufacturer.  This MD had created a new board from the start of his reign, with the manufacturer driving forward with their 2025 vision.

However, in realising this vision he had identified the need to bring in a new position to their board.  The below Case Study outlines key issues and strengths that were required from this new investment.

Due to the exacting requirements across three key disciplines; namely logistics (demand and stock control), supply chain (de-risking an overreliance on a few overseas suppliers), and production; together with the need for this person to live within c.30 mile radius of the plant, it was evident Mark Goldsmith was going to be researching from a very shallow pool.

Fortunately, and certainly evidence of best practice, Mark's main contact appreciated the importance of sharing and discussing intelligence gathered; especially when creating and executing the shortlist of candidates available.  Read in full below.