We have recently been listening to The High Performance Podcast in our weekly team learning meetings. It is fascinating to listen to people from world of business and sport as they give their insights in to what has helped to make them successful. Whether it is Sir Clive Woodward - the man who masterminded England's Rugby Union World Cup win in 2003, Ben Francis on his continued success with one of the fastest growing and certainly the most successful British sporting brands Gymshark or Mel Marshall on how she cultivates sustainable success - some themes are constant, relentless hard work, constant self assessment and open, honest but constructive conversations. As too is having the help and support of personal relationships, friends, family and so on.

Mel Marshall, a successful athlete in her own right is also the coach of Great Britain's most successful swimmer Adam Peaty, was an inspiring listen. Mel is an advocate of sustainable questioning - ask yourself, question the people around you, connect with those you trust and then listen - question what they are telling you. 

More importantly though she talked about checking in with the team. The example was simple - how of often in work do we set up meetings, check in on people, brief and debrief, well if the environment is constructive then this will happen regularly. But do we do the same with our family and friends - that is just as valuable team, often the people who will give it to you with the most honesty and authenticity. 

Mel also mentioned the approach of stop, start, continue - a great way to get to the root of things in a team or individual environment. If it is good enough for a multi Gold Medal winning elite athlete, there is definitely something we can all take from it.

I would definitely recommend listening to this, there is so much to take from it on how to work with people, how to judge difficult and positive conversations. It is also offers great insights to anyone leading a team on the importance of the message to the individual